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Abstract #1752

Characterization and Early detection of liver metastasis by fMRI

Edrei Y, Pikarsky E, Gross E, Galun E, Abramovitch R
Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center

Liver metastases are the major cause of death from colorectal carcinoma. Using fMRI, liver arterial/portal perfusion is detected by CO2-reactivity, while vessel density by the response to O2. Currently, we implemented this method in liver metastasis model. In healthy livers, the response to CO2 was negative and to O2 positive. In tumors, the magnitude of the response was significantly reduced. These results suggest a higher arterial/portal ratio and decrease in vascularity in metastasis. Using our inhalation approach, we detected areas with SI change 2-4 days earlier than in T2W-images. This method provides a tool for earlier diagnosis of liver tumors.