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Abstract #1763

Botulinum Toxin potentiates cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy

O.Cron G, Ansiaux R, Baudelet C, Dessy C, Segers J, De Wever J, Martinive P, Wauthier V, Beghein N, Grgoire V, Buc Calderon P, Feron O, Verrax J
Catholic University of Louvain

To increase the efficacy of anti-cancer treatments, efforts must be made to find new strategies for transiently opening the tumor vascular bed in order to alleviate tumor hypoxia and improve the delivery of chemotherapeutic agents. We hypothesized that Botulinum Neurotoxin type A (BoNT-A) could lead to inhibition of the neurogenic contractions of tumor vessels and therefore improve tumor perfusion and oxygenation. In vivo EPR and DCE-MRI have been performed to assess changes in tumor oxygenation and perfusion status after BoNT-A administration. This characterization of the tumor micro-environment has been used to guide treatment schedule with radiation therapy and chemotherapy.