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Abstract #1764

Botulinum toxin increases tumor uptake of gemcitabine chemotherapy as measured with fluorine spectroscopy

Cron G, Beghein N, Ansiaux R, Gallez B
Catholic University of Louvain

Fluorine-19 MR spectroscopy (FMRS) may be used to study non-invasively the kinetics of fluorinated chemotherapy agents in tumor. The purpose of this FMRS work was to investigate how Botulinum neurotoxin type A affects the uptake and elimination of the chemotherapy drug gemcitabine in mouse tumors. The results show that the initial uptake of gemcitabine in treated tumors was 40% higher than in controls (p<0.001). No statistically significant difference in elimination time constant was observed. The total quantity of gemcitabine to which the tumor is exposed should therefore be ~40% higher in treated tumors compared to controls.