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Abstract #1767

Application of Multiple-Quantum-Filtered 23Na MRI to Monitor Chemotherapeutic Response in RIF-1 Tumors

Hekmatyar S, Hutchins G, Bansal N, Babsky A, Zhang H
Indiana University

The effects of 5-fluorouracil on radiation-induced fibrosarcoma (RIF-1) tumors were monitored by in vivo single-quantum (SQ) and triple-quantum-filtered (TQF) 23Na MRI, 1H MRI, and PET to evaluate changes in total tissue and intracellular Na+ content, water apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), and FDG uptake, respectively. In vivo MRI measurements showed correlated increases in SQ 23Na signal intensity (SI) and water ADC after therapy, reflecting an increase in extracellular space. TQF 23Na SI and FDG uptake was lower in treated tumors compared with controls, suggesting decreased glycolysis and/or a decreased cell density in treated tumors.