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Abstract #1766

Carbogen breathing differentially enhances blood plasma volume and 5-fluorouracil uptake in two murine colon tumor models with distinct vascular structures

Gambarota G, van Laarhoven H, Lok J, Lammens M, Kamm Y, Wagener T, Punt C, van der Kogel A, Heerschap A
University Medical Centre Nijmegen

Using USPIO enhanced MRI, 31P MRS, and 19F MRS we measured in vivo the effect of carbogen breathing on tumor blood plasma volume, pH and energy status, as well as the effect on 5-fluorouracil (FU) uptake and metabolism in C38 and C26a colon tumors that differ in their vascular structure. Carbogen breathing decreased extracellular pH, increased tumor blood plasma volume and increased FU uptake in both tumorlines, but most significantly in the C38 tumor. Systemic toxicity of FU was also enhanced.