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Abstract #1776

The ADC value in esophageal caners on diffusion-weighted MR images for predicting effect of chemoradiotherapy

Togashi K, Hiraoka M, Watanabe G, Tamai K, Koyama T, Saga T, Umeoka S
Kyoto University, School of Medicine

The purpose of this study is to investigate whether the ADC values of esophageal cancer can predict the response to chemoradiotherapy., Esophageal cancers treated with chemoradiotherapy were classified as either good response or poor response according to whether the wall thickness of the tumor on CT after chemoradiotherapy decreased in less than half of that before chemoradiotherapy or not. The ADC value of tumor on DWI was compared between good response and poor response group. Esophageal cancer with lower ADC titer showed good response to therapy, but the response to therapy varied among the cancers with higher ADC values.