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Abstract #1778

Characterization of high grade gliomas using TE-averaged PRESS at 3 T

Chang S, Nelson S, Srinivasan R, Li Y
University of California

The purpose of this study was to use single voxel acquisition, TE-averaged PRESS, to acquire the T2 relaxation times of Cho, Cr and NAA and to obtain quantitative metabolite concentrations in tumors using an 8-channel phased array coil at 3 T. TE-averaged PRESS spectra were acquired from eight healthy volunteers and seven glioma patients in NAWM or tumor lesions. The T2 relaxation times of Cho and NAA in tumors were significantly different from those in normal regions. The difference in NAA concentration after T2 relaxation correction was statistically significant between normal and lesions. In addition, Glu showed statistically significantly higher concentration in high grade gliomas.