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Abstract #1789

1D High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning Total Correlation Spectroscopy of Prostate Cancer Tissues

Tabatabai L, Swanson M, Zektzer A, Keshari K, Butler T, Kurhanewicz J

An ex vivo 1D high resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) total correlation spectroscopy (TOCSY) sequence was developed to detect the choline containing metabolites (PC and GPC), the ethanolamine containing metabolites (Eth, PE, and GPE), and lactate and alanine. Higher ratios of PC/GPC and significantly higher ratios of PE/Eth, GPE/Eth, and Lac/Ala were observed in prostate cancer versus healthy glandular prostate tissues. The sequence developed in this study allows the detection of PC, GPC, PE, and GPE, without the need to perform 31P spectroscopy, and could be translated to in vivo MRS studies of prostate cancer patients.