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Abstract #1799

Usefulness of Diffusion-weighted MR image in Detecting Pancreas Cancer: Comparative Analyses with T1, T2-weighed MR images

Itoh H, Muraoka N, Kimura H, Uematsu H, Fujiwara Y, Yamaguchi I
University of Fukui

We hypothesized that DWI could be useful to depict the pancreatic cancer, which was not identified by conventional image technique such as T1-WI or T2-WI. Ten subjects with pancreatic cancer were included in this study. We compared the image contrast between tumor and normal pancreatic parenchyma divided by the muscle (C/M ratio) in each image sequence. The mean C/M ratio of the DWI was significantly greater than those of the T2-WI and T1-WI. The mean C/M ratio between T2-WI and T1-WI was not statistically significant. These results support the hypothesis that DWI may be useful to depict the pancreatic cancer.