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Abstract #1800

High-B-Value Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging of Gastric Cancer: By Segmented Breath-Hold Technique

Zhang X, Tang L, Sun Y, Sun F
Beijing Cancer Hospital & Peking University School of Oncology

Three diffusion-weighted EPI sequences with different number of acquisitions were performed in 16 patients with gastric cancer. The sequences were segmented into 2-3 breath-holds using a function pause key if the scan time exceeded patients duration. The b values were 0, 1000s/mm2, and the MPG pulses were placed in 3 directions. There was no statistical difference in ADC measurement between single breath-hold sequence and segmented breath-hold sequences. Multi-acquisition with segmented breath-hold technique reduced EPI- and ASSET-related artifacts and achieved higher CNR. All 16 cases obtained acceptable images with segmented breath-hold technique combined with multi-acquisition method.