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Abstract #1827

Magnetic resonance imaging of viral particle biodistribution in vivo

Hakumki J, Wirth T, Liimatainen T, Rty J, Yl-Herttuala S, Huhtala T, Ihalainen T, Vihinen-Ranta M, Nrvnen A
University of Kuopio, Kuopio University Hospital

We have studied the possibility of visualizing viral vector particle biodistribution in vivo by MRI. An avidin-displaying baculoviral vector (Baavi) was conjugated with biotinylated USPIO particles. The results show that viral particle homing into choroid plexus cells in rat brain can be visualized by MRI and that the labeling does not affect the transfection or homing capabilities of the avidin-coated baculoviral vector. Our study provides the first evidence that viral vector imaging can be performed by MRI using USPIO-labeled, avidin-displaying baculoviruses in vivo. Thus, the utility of MRI is expanded also to the very initial steps of therapeutic gene delivery.