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Abstract #1859

A bio-activated paramagnetic Gd(III) complex [Gd(DO3A-FPG)] for MRI

Wang Y, Hsu J, Chang Y, Su Y, Liu G
Kaohsiung Medical University

A novel bio-activated MRI contrast agent containing galactopyranose residue, [Gd(DO3A-FPG)], was designed and synthesized successfully. Relaxation time (T1) decreasing (59 %) of enzymatic cleavage of [Gd(DO3A-FPG)] in BSA indicates that the BSA or &[beta]-gal binds to Gd(III) chelate after the galactopyranose residue removed. MR image significant enhancement was observed for [Gd(DO3A-FPG)] solution in the presence of &[beta]-gal and BSA. [Gd(DO3A-FPG)] possesses enzymatic cleavage, longer rotational correlation time, higher relaxation rate and higher MR image enhancement in the presence of &[beta]-gal that might result in a novel type of contrast agent for visualization of gene expression by MRI