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Abstract #1863

A Transcatheter MR-guided Fiber Optical Confocal Microscopy System

Krueger S, Herzka D, Cav C, Li K, Weiss S
Philips Research

To combine the excellent diagnostic imaging and real-time guidance capabilities of an MR system with the high resolution, sensitivity and selectivity of optical microscopic imaging for studying processes at the molecular level, a confocal fiber-based microscopy system was integrated into an MR-localizable catheter (active tracking). MR imaging and tracking and optical imaging are thus automatically co-registered and can be used complementary. The system facilitates spatially directed optical probing of vascular tissue. Real-time MR images, catheter position updates and optical microscopic images were obtained in a vessel phantom containing stained and unstained gels and chicken meat labeled with FITC-Lectin as targets.