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Abstract #1871

In vitro evaluation of cellular engraftment parameters of 3 transfection methods to label mouse embryonic stem cells using ferumoxides

Suzuki Y, Cunningham C, Drukker M, Yang P
Stanford University

In vitro comparison of the engraftment parameters of magnetically labeled mESC with 3 transfection methods using ferumoxides was conducted. Critical biological determinants of cellular engraftment including longitudinal viability, differentiation capacity of mESC into cardiomyocyte of mouse embryonic stem cells (mESC) were compared among transfection techniques. Magnetic labeling of mESC using transfection methods is safe and effective. Although cellular viability and proliferative capability did not show any difference among the 3 methods, the differentiation capability of mESC transfected by Elp was most attenuated and iron uptake by PS was most efficient.