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Abstract #1889

Identification of the neural stem cells in the human brain by magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Zhang S, Manganas L, Djuric P, Wagshul M, Maletic-Savatic M
Stony Brook University

The main objective of this study is to develop non-invasive imaging methodology for identification, quantitation, and tracking of neural stem cells (NSC) in the human brain, from early development to elderly age. Currently available reagents as well as reagents under development, including gadolinium-labeled contrast agents and SPIO-based derivatives, are not used as common MRI agents in neonates and infants due to their potential side effects. This is why 1H-MRS is emerging as methodology of choice, particularly for imaging infants and young children. Herein, we describe our results on identification of NSC in the human brain, using their unique spectroscopic signature.