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Abstract #1890

Does Endocytosis of Perfluorocarbon Nanoparticles by Progenitor/Stem Cells Alter 19F Relaxation at 11.7T?

Chen J, Crowder K, Neubauer A, Venkataramani D, Wickline S, Brant J, Lanza G
Washington University

We have reported previously that a unique MRI signal source, fluorine, which is abundant in liquid perfluorocarbon nanoparticles (PFC NP), can be used to provide simultaneous readouts of the 19F and 1H signals at 1.5T and 4.7T when gadolinium chelates are incorporated into the lipid membrane of the PFC NP. To evaluate the proposed use of PFC NP as unique labeling agents for stem cells, we characterized 19F T1/T2 relaxation before and after stem cell labeling, and elucidated the consequences of incorporating different molecules into the lipid layer of PFC NP in phantoms and labeled progenitor/stem cells at 11.7T.