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Abstract #1891

Dual Modality Monitoring of Intracerebral Stem Cell Delivery and Distribution Following Reperfused Ischemia

Young R, Pittenger M, Huang J, Bulte J, van Zijl P, Walczak P, Zhang J, Gilad A, Ruiz-Cabello J, Kedziorek D
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.

In animal models of stroke, it has been shown that a modest functional improvement can be achieved through stem cell transplantation. Further advancement depends greatly upon achieving a robust and targeted cell engraftment of the ischemic lesion. Intraarterial cell delivery appears ideally suited, however it may lead to further microvascular occlusion by cellular grafts and needs to be carefully pursued. We propose dual modality monitoring of cell delivery and distribution using Laser Doppler flowmetry and cellular MR imaging in order to improve the efficacy and safety of targeted stem cell therapy in cerebral ischemia.