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Abstract #1918

Visualization of Hemodynamics at the Carotid Bifurcation with MR Imaging: Cine Vector Representation of blood flow using PC MRA

Seo R, Kusuhara T, Ishimori T, Nakano S, Ohkawa M, Yamashita Y, Sugiura S
Kagawa Rosai Hospital

The feasibility of vector representation of blood flow at the carotid bifurcation based on PC MRA was examined. The visualization of hemodynamics was compared with two different PC techniques, the average blood flow method acquired without ECG gating and the cine method with ECG gating. Cine method enables observation of the changes in pressure flow against vessel wall, which provides detail information of the turbulent flow in carotid artery. The examination of various level of stenosis using this method is considered to be useful in the analysis of how vortex flow and blood stagnation participate in the formation of stenosis.