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Abstract #1919

Comparing steady and pulsatile LDV and PC-MRA flow measurements in an anatomically accurate cerebral artery aneurysm model

Hollnagel D, Kollias S, Poulikakos D, Summers P
ETH Zurich

Blood flow measurements in cerebral aneurysms are gaining in importance in clinic and research. To verify the accuracy of the non-invasive phase-contrast MRA we surveyed an original geometry cerebral aneurysm model by Laser-Doppler-Velocimetry (LDV) and PC-MRA. Methods: We performed measurements in a Dantec 2D-LDV and 3T-Phillips Gyroscan on a silicone model from a patients DSA. Constant and realistic flow curves were applied.Results: Both, steady and pulsatile results of LDV and PC-MRA show strong similarities.Conclusion: High accuracy PC-MRA can be used to acquire original patient data even in small arteries and aneurysms for clinic and further research.