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Abstract #1964

Whole-body MR detects unsuspected concomitant vascular disease in CHD patients

Ladd S, Forsting M, Wanke I, Gizewski E, Schlosser T, Goericke S, Paul T
University Hospital Essen

A whole-body MR protocol (head, whole-body MR angiography, heart) is applied to coronary heart disease patients, which requires an in room time of 40 minutes. MR results are compared to patients history. The rate of previously unknown ilio-femoro-popliteal stenoses, myocardial and cerebrovascular infarctions was 60.7%, 14.8% and 68.8%, resp. Prospective studies have to show if whole-body MR can serve as a screening tool for vascular pathologies in these high-risk patients.