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Abstract #1965

Concomitant atherosclerotic changes in whole-body MR-Angiography and coronary calcium deposit in patients with catheter-staged coronary artery disease (CAD)

Breuckmann F, Brauck K, Ladd S, Barkhausen J
University Hospital Essen

Patients with coronary artery disease show a high prevalence for concomitant atherosclerotic disease of peripheral vessels. We evaluated the correlations between arterial pathologies as found in whole-body MR angiography and coronary calcium deposit. The results show that whole body MR angiography and coronary calcium deposit (EBT) correlate well, and both depend on the degree of coronary artery disease as defined by catheter angiography. An atherosclerosis index as defined in this study shows to be a promising parameter for the prediction of coronary calcium deposit.