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Abstract #1968

Signal Characteristic of a 1-molar Contrast Agent at 1.5 and 3T and Improvements with a Variable TE GRE Sequence

Markl M, Stalder A, Hennig J
University Hospital

To enhance Gadolinium based CE-MRA, the influence of a 1-molar contrast agent (Gadobutrol/Gd-Bt) has been explored and possible improvements are suggested. Relaxation times and relaxivities were measured for several Gd-Bt concentrations in water at 20C for 1.5T and 3T. Gd-Bt concentration influence on signal intensity could be effectively simulated and compared to measurements. Although shortened T2* were measured, no significant T2* effect on signal intensity in water was observed. Based on these findings, variable echo time approaches were explored in order to enhance SNR. An adaptive bandwidth approach was implemented and results indicating increased SNR at high concentrations are presented.