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Abstract #1984

Across Species Metabonomics: Identification of Common Spectral Changes in Mouse and Hamster Urine, Caused by Parasite Infection

Holmes E, Wang Y, Brown T, Zhao Q, Utzinger J, Stoyanova R, Du S, Sajda P
Imperial College

A metabonomic investigation of the spectral patterns in urine from mice and hamsters infected with parasites is presented. The approach combines 1H NMR spectroscopy with the application of Pattern Recognition technique. Besides the spectral pattern, differentiating the two species, a common spectral pattern across the two species associated with the presence of the disease is also identified. This pattern is related to the depletion of hippurate. Identification of such common biomarkers across species is instrumental for opening an entire sphere of investigations, where drug efficacy in experimental animals can be directly related to treatment outcome and toxicity in humans.