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Abstract #1986

High-resolution 1H NMR spectroscopy reveals differences in CSF metabolic profiles for MS patients with inflammatory vs. non-inflammatory plaques

Lutz N, Viola A, Ranjeva J, Malikova I, Pelletier J, Cozzone P, Confort-Gouny S
School of Medicine

Conflicting results have been reported with respect to lactate concentrations in CSF of MS patients vs. nomal levels. We used 1H NMR spectroscopy to compare CSF metabolic profiles of MS patients with or without inflammatory plaques, to test the hypothesis that increased lactate levels in MS patients may be associated with inflammatory plaques. We found that molar concentrations of lactate were indeed moderately increased for locally inflammatory vs. non-inflammatory MS. We also found slightly increased (or decreased) levels of an unassigned compound (or of phenylalanine) for inflammatory-plaque MS, in analogy to results obtained for MS vs. normal CSF.