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Abstract #1992

In-vitro NMR studies of Echovirus 11 infection in RD human cells

Dhole T, Nagana Gowda G, Akhtar S, Ayyagari A, Bhandari M, Khetrapal C, Singh R, Jadegoud Y
Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences

The effects of Echovirus 11 infection on RD human cell lines (derived from rhabdomyosarcoma) were studied using 1H NMR spectroscopy and optical microscopy. Both uninfected and infected cells, consumed glucose and produced lactate and acetate as extracellular metabolites. In infected whole cells, glycerophosphocholine and uridinediphosphoglucose were observed in addition to the metabolites observed in uninfected cells. Intracellular metabolites of infected cells showed glutamine, glycerophosphocholine and glycine which were not observed in uninfected cells. The uninfected and infected cells did not show any difference in their lipid components. Unlike optical microscopy, NMR spectroscopy identified early stages of infection through metabolic changes.