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Abstract #2072

Frontal and Occipital Lobe GABA Changes in Depression, Measured with 1H-MRS

Evans C, Wylezinska M, Bhagwagar Z, Jezzard P, Matthews P, Sule A, Cowen P, Selvaraj S
University of Oxford, University of Oxford

Previous studies have measured GABA reductions in the human occipital lobe in subjects with mood disorders. However, these changes have not been observed in the frontal lobes of recovered depressed subjects, suggesting either regional variations in GABAergic function, or differences between the subject groups. This study measured GABA levels in recovered depressed and control subjects using 1H-MRS (MEGA-PRESS), in both frontal and occipital lobes. Reduced GABA levels were found in the recovered depressed subjects, with similar decreases detected in the frontal and occipital lobes.