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Abstract #2071

Lower GPC compounds in the hippocamps and higher GPE in the putamen/thalamus region in depressed patients detected by 3D 31P RINEPT MRSI

Ende G, Wokrina T, Walter S, Welzel H, Kief C, Demirakca T, Ulrich M, Sartorius A, Henn F
Central Institute of Mental Health

We conducted a 3D 31P RINEPT MRSI study in patients with major depression (MDD) compared to healthy controls. Our previous 1H MRSI findings of reduced hippocampal choline-containing compounds (Cho) in MDD let us to the hypothesis that glycerophosphocholine (GPC) measured via 31P RINEPT would be decreased in the hippocampal region. We further observed an increase of Cho in the putamen. In concordance with these previous results of changes in the 1H MRS Cho signals in MDD patients we observed a decreased GPC ratio in the hippocampal region and an increased glycerophosphoethanolamine (GPE) ratio in the putamen/thalamus region in MDD patients.