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Abstract #2070

Region and gender specific neurochemical alterations and sleep deprivation in major depressive episodes

Murck H, Schubert M, Steiger A, Schuessler P, Schmid D, Auer D
Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry

Efficacy of total sleep deprivation (TSD) to treat patients with major depressive episodes (MDE) varies with the clinical phenotype and biological markers such as activity of the stress hormone axis. In this study we aimed to noninvasively investigate neurochemical alterations that may be associated with therapeutic sleep deprivation. 15 patients with MDE underwent serial proton MRS in the frontal and parietal cortex on two consecutive mornings before and immediately after the first night of TSD. A gender specific increase in prefrontal Glx was noted as well as reduced prefrontal Glx/Cr ratios at baseline in responding vs. non responding patients.