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Abstract #2069

Brain-water ADC and 31P MRS imaging metabolite ratios and intracellular pH in a piglet model of transient hypoxia-ischemia

Bainbridge A, Iwata O, De Vita E, West D, Thornton J, Iwata S, Robertson N, Cady E
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

An earlier study demonstrated a good correlation between ADC and cerebral energetics (measured using surface coil 31P MRS) averaged over a large brain volume. Finer spatial discrimination of 31P data can be achieved using MRS imaging. Our aims were to compare metabolite ratios obtained using 31P MRS imaging with spatially and temporally correlated brain-water ADC following transient HI. There were significant correlations between 31P metabolite ratios and ADC in both the subcortex and the deep grey matter. We have demonstrated the utility of ADC as a surrogate measure of cerebral energetics with higher spatial resolution than previously achieved.