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Abstract #2076

Comparison of 1D and 2D MR Spectroscopy in Bipolar Depression

Binesh N, Thomas A, Frye M, Banakar S, Watzl J
UCLA School of Medicine

Twenty three bipolar depressed patients and twelve healthy controls have been investigated using serial scans of PRESS-localized one-dimensional (1D) MRS and two dimensional (2D) L-COSY sequences. The total acquisition times were 13 minutes for 1D MRS using head transmit/receive and 24 minutes for 2D L-COSY using body transmit and 3 surface receive. LC-Model processed 1D MRS data yielded absolute and relative levels of major metabolites and showed increased Glx levels in bipolar depression. 2D MRS findings were in agreement with 1D MRS and in addition relative levels of metabolites such aspartate and other metabolites at lower concentrations with less coefficient of variance.