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Abstract #2077

Hippocampal Neurochemical Findings in Medication-Free, Euthymic Bipolar Disorder: 1H MRSI Study

Hetherington H, Strakowski S, Wang X, Mills N, Gao Y, Adler C, DelBello M, Adams J, Lee J, Javis K, Chu W
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Bipolar disorder (BD) is a common psychiatric illness, the specific neurobiochemical basis of bipolar disorder still not completely understood. The advance of MRS technique has resulted in a lot of studies reporting abnormalities of neurochemistry in BD brains. Previously reported 1H MRSI studies of the hippocampal metabolites changes in BD are few and contradictory. The present work investigated the hippocampal metabolism in medication-free, euthymic bipolar patients using 2D 1H MRSI at 4 Tesla.