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Abstract #2085

Positive correlation of glycerophosphocholine with alcohol consumption in frontal white matter of light social drinkers revealed by 3D 31P MRSI using RINEPT editing

Wokrina T, Ende G, Demirakca T, Ruf M, Ulrich M, Walter S, Welzel H
Central Institute of Mental Health

Several studies have previously shown that the 1H MRS signal of choline containing compounds (Cho) is altered in alcohol dependent patients. Also, a positive correlation of alcohol consumption with Cho in frontal white matter (WM) and in the anterior cingulate gyrus of light social drinkers has been reported. To further analyze the impact of alcohol consumption on the brain we investigated 13 healthy light socal drinkers with phosphorous 3D MRSI using RINEPT editing. We found a positive correlation of alcohol consumption with frontal WM glycerophosphocholine/totalP. The results suggest that already small amounts of alcohol lead to adaptive mechanisms to alcohol consumption in the brain.