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Abstract #2086

Brain Volume Measurements Correlate with Impulsivity and Aggression

Ochs R, Wu Y, Demopoulos C, Scheidegger R, Edelman R, Ragin A
Northwestern University, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

Brain morphology has not been extensively studied in relation to the personality traits of impulsivity and aggression. This investigation examined brain volume measurements determined by automatic segmentation in relation to ratings of these traits from psychometric instruments. Subjects were scanned with a GE 1.5T MR system and T2 images were processed using SIENAX. The brain parenchyma value was significantly different between groups and correlated with aggression measures. White matter volume correlated with impulsivity and aggression measures. This study suggests white matter involvement in impulsivity and aggression. Factors influencing overall brain volume may be relevant in understanding aggression.