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Abstract #2087

fMRI-guided Spectroscopy for Evaluation of Speech-Related Brain Areas in Neuropsychiatry

Kreis R, Vermathen P, Boesch C, Ehrlich C, Hubl D, Federspiel A, Dierks T
University Berne

The study of metabolic causes for auditory hallucinations requires that the main cortical areas of speech processing are investigated by MRS in a single examination. However, 1) spectral quality for these areas is insufficient if they are co-recorded by MRSI without local optimization, 2) speech relevant regions cannot be defined from morphological MRI. An experimental protocol of below one hour was therefore devised including fMRI for localization of Brocas and Wernickes areas, 3D-MRI for structural evaluation, single-voxel MRS for the challenging regions of frontal Brocas area, and single-slice MRSI for centrally located temporal Wernickes area as well as auditory regions.