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Abstract #2095

Abnormalities of deep gray matter perfusion in Multiple Sclerosis: Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion MRI at 3.0 T

Inglese M, Babb J, Jaggi H, Herbert J, Grossman R, Park S, Johnson G
New York University

Patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PP-MS) show a relative lower rate of new T2 lesions formation and lower amount of inflammatory lesions compared to patients with relapsing remitting MS (RR-MS). Recent studies have shown decreased perfusion in both lesions and NAWM of RR-MS patients. However, perfusion in PP-MS has yet to be explored. Using dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) enhanced T2*-weighted MRI for measuring tissue perfusion, we observed significantly lower cerebral blood flow (CBF) and volume (CBV) in deep gray matter in MS patients as compared with normal controls and in PP-MS patients as compared with RR-MS patients.