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Abstract #2096

Imaging cadavers - 'cold brain' MRI effects and noninvasive diffusion thermometry of the CSF

Tofts P, Tozer D, Fox N, MacManus D, Schmierer K
University College London

In cadaveric brain imaging, the low temperature gives a variety of interesting cold brain effects (also present to some effect in post-mortem tissue). In conventional FLAIR and Spin Echo images the cold CSF is bright because of its reduced T1. The diffusivity of CSF is reduced by a factor of three at 1degC; ADC values of CSF provide a potential non-invasive thermometer to show brain temperature. In one cadaver, the ADC of CSF was 1.1 10-9 m2 s-1, implying a temperature of 1degC. An improved inversion time TI can be found for FLAIR, depending on the brain temperature