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Abstract #2097

In vivo visualization of multiple sclerosis cortical lesions by high resolution MRI at 3T

Bagnato F, Calabrese A, Riva M, McFarland H, Ohayon J, Chiu A, Ehrmantraut M, Tovar-Moll F, Talagala L, Ikonomidou V

In this study, high resolution spoiled gradient recalled fast inversion recovery images (IR-FSPGR) were obtained in 23 MS patients and 20 healthy volunteers (HV) at 3T using an 8-channel receiver coil array. Initial analyses of 8 patients revealed neocortical lesions (NL) in 7 patients while none in HV. Most NL crossed cortical boundaries or were present exclusively within juxta-cortical areas. Up to 70% of NL were found in frontal lobes. We demonstrate that a high-resolution T1-weighted 3T MRI using multi-channel receiver arrays is effective for NL identification in MS.