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Abstract #2098

Imaging cortical lesions at standard and high field-strength (1.5T and 4.7T): post-mortem MRI and histopathology

B L, G. Geurts J, Blezer E, Vrenken H, W. Pouwels P, Castelijns J, Polman C, Barkhof F, van der Toorn A
VU University Medical Center

Gray matter abnormalities have been linked to physical, including neuropsychological, deficits in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Cortical lesions are highly prevalent in (progressive) MS, but unfortunately, they are rarely depicted by standard MR imaging (MRI) techniques. In this study, the sensitivity of standard field-strength (1.5T) post mortem MRI for cortical lesions was compared to the sensitivity of high field-strength MRI (4.7T). Type I lesions (mixed gray matter-white matter lesions) were relatively easily visualized (up to 100%) by both field-strengths, while purely intracortical lesions (types II-IV) were rarely detected, even when using high-field MRI.