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Abstract #2125

Study of Correlation between Brain Activity and ATP Metabolic Rates by means of 31P Magnetization Transfer and Electroencephalograph Measurement

Zhang N, Du F, Friedman M, Zhu X, Ugurbil K, Chen W, Zhang Y
Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Minnesota

Numerous brain studies during the past decades have supported a coupling among brain acitivity and cerebral blood flow (CBF) as well as the cerebral metabolic rates of glucose and oxygen (CMRglc, CMRO2). Adenosine-5-triphosphate (ATP) is the basic energy currency which provides major energy resource to be directly used in the live organs. In the mammal brain, ATP is mainly generated from the oxidative phosphorylation of glucose and/or phosphocreatine catalyzed by creatine kinase (CK). In this study, the cerebral metabolic rates of ATP syntheses (CMRATP) and brain activity were measured by in vivo 31P magnetization transfer approach and EEG respectively at various physiology conditions in the rat brain. The results show that (i) the CMRATP values catalyzed by ATPase and CK reactions are tightly correlated to brain activity; (ii) the relative change of CMRATP is larger for ATPase reaction than CK reaction; and (iii) the in vivo measurement of CMRATP should provide an important tool for studying the brain funct