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Abstract #2126

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Rat Spinal Cord After Peripheral Nerve Injury

Hess G, Tuor U, Rushforth D, Kirk D, Foniok T, Tomanek B, Jasinski A, Majcher K
Institute of Pharmacology, PAS, Jagiellonian University

The neuronal activity within the rat spinal cord following a graded reduction of sensory input from the hindpaw was investigated using fMRI. The experiment allowed correlation of the neuronal activation with the increasing nerve injury using spinal cord fMRI. Fast spin echo images were acquired through spinal cord at 9.4T. A consistent decrease in activation volume within the spinal cord was observed following nerve section with a correspondence between increasing injury. The results indicate that spinal cord fMRI provide important information concerning the functional effects of loss of sensory inputs to the spinal cord after peripheral nerve injury.