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Abstract #2137

Characterizing alcohol-induced changes in forebrain activity in awake rats using phMRI and assessing brain tissue alcohol pharmacokinetics using proton MR Spectroscopy

Luo F, Li Z, Treistman S, Ferris C

This study aimed to identify alcohol related neurocircuitry in fully conscious rats using contrast enhanced fMRI-CBV method. In addition, brain tissue alcohol kinetics was monitored by proton MRS. Dopaminergic mesolimbic system activation was detected under alcohol challenge. A significant shorter CBV response was found following a single dose of alcohol administration, albeit sustained brain tissue alcohol concentration. Acute tolerance may play a role in this discrepancy finding. This study also illustrated the advantageous to combine phMRI and MRS techniques to provide compensatory information which is vital important for us to understand the complex neural adaptation processes following acute alcohol administration.