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Abstract #2146

Preliminary Study of Coronary MRA at 3T: Using 3D Gradient Echo Sequence in a Delayed Post-Contrast Phase

He Y, Zhang z, Sun W, Cao G
Beijing Anzhen Hospital

The performance of SSFP technique is unsatisfactory at 3T although it is widely used in coronary imaging at 1.5T. It has been reported that the T2 prepared gradient echo sequence at 3T can offer better coronary image quality with less artifacts whereas CNR is inferior than using SSFP. The aim of this study is to investigate the feasibility of using gradient echo sequence to imaging coronaries in a delayed post contrast phase at 3T and also to develop a more efficient target localization strategy. The preliminary experiment on 3 human subjects showed that the CNR can be doubled with the residue contrast after 183min delay after initial injection for the first pass perfusion.