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Abstract #2151

Development and Evaluation of 3T Whole-Heart Coronary MR Angiography Technique

Gharib A, Herzka D, Ho V, Stuber M, Pettigrew R, Locklin J

Free-breathing, whole-heart 3-dimension (3D) coronary MR angiogram (CMRA) utilizing Navigator gating at 1.5T has been shown to be a valuable technique for coronary evaluation. Improvements in signal by imaging at 3T field strength provide opportunities for further CMRA optimization. With the further implementation of parallel imaging at 3T, scan times can be shortened or higher spatial resolution may be achieved without perceivable deterioration of image quality. This study: 1. demonstrates the feasibly of performing whole heart, free breath, 3D FFE acquisitions at 3T; and 2. evaluates four different acquisition schemes for optimal coronary artery illustration