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Abstract #2152

High-Resolution Coronary Artery MRA at 3 Tesla with Slow Infusion of an Extravascular High Relaxivity Contrast Agent MultiHance

Bi X, Carr J, Li D
Northwestern University

Conventional Gadolinium based extracellular contrast agents have been extensively used in coronary MRA. The spatial resolution is limited by confining data acquisition within the first-pass of contrast agent. In this study, we investigated the feasibility of acquiring high-resolution coronary artery images at 3 Tesla with slow infusion of an extravascular, high relaxivity agent MultiHance. The signal enhancing characteristics were also compared to that of a conventional agent. With an average imaging time of 5.46 b 0.66 minutes, the CNR is improved by 65.6% with infusion of MultiHance. High resolution coronary MRA with slow infusion of MultiHance is feasible at 3T.