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Abstract #2161

Magnetic Resonance Coronary Angiography Using an Intravascular Contrast Agent: T1 Time Course of Normal Myocardium and Blood

Waltering K, Nassenstein K, Eggebrecht H, Schlosser T, Hunold P, Barkhausen J
University Hospital

Recently, breath-hold MR coronary angiography (MRCA) has become feasible, and blood-pool MR contrast-agents (i.e. Gadomer) have been introduced to improve image quality and diagnostic accuracy. The correct setting of the inversion-time TI is a prerequisite for diagnostic image quality in 3D-inversion-recovery-gradient-echo-MRCA. Our data show that a single-injection of Gadomer results in short T1 times of blood and within 15min after injection, whereas myocardial T1-times changes significantly. Therefore TI has to be individually adjusted to optimize the image quality. We conclude that high quality MRCA can be acquired within the first 15min after injection of a single dose of Gadomer.