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Abstract #2162

Breath hold Magnetic resonance coronary angiography with MS 325: initial experiences

Nassenstein K, Waltering K, Breuckmann F, Schlosser T, Hunold P, Barkhausen J
University Hospital Essen

Our study aimed to evaluate the intravascular contrast agent Gadofosveset (MS-325) for breath hold magnetic resonance coronary artery imaging. T1-values of the myocardium and the ventricular cavity (LVC) were measured at different time points after injection and repetitive 3D IR-FLASH sans covering the mayor coronary were performed. The T1 time of the LVC remained unchanged, whereas the T1 time of the myocardium slightly increased within the first 30 minutes after injection. Although, the contrast to noise ratio of the coronaries and the myocardium slightly decreased, MRCA showed good image quality within 30 minutes after injection.