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Abstract #2188

High-Resolution MRI with a new cardiac and respiratory gating system for contrast-enhanced MRI of the carotids in the ApoE-/- mouse

ALSAID H, Fokapu O, Bendahmane Z, Sabbah M, Corot C, Robert P, Canet-Soulas E, Briguet A
Laboratoire de RMN Mthodologie et Instrumentation en Biophysique, UCB-CNRS UMR 5012

We propose to evaluate contrast enhancement of carotid wall in ApoE-/- mice using efficient cardiorespiratory gating. Real-time cardiorespiratory gating was implemented using Simulink (MathWorks, Inc). ECG gated images were acquired in the stable expiratory phase. High relaxivity contrast agent Vistarem was injected. Pre and post-contrast T1 (89m) SE were acquired at 2T MRI in ApoE-/- and C57BL/6 mice at carotid origin. Signal enhancement was measured by Creatools software. This study demonstrates the efficiency of the real time cardiorespiratory gating. Signal of the carotid wall in ApoE-/- increased post-contrast and reaches its maximum 30 to 40min post-contrast and decreased after 60min.