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Abstract #2193

Evaluation of the upper abdomen on dynamic enhanced coronal Liver Acceleration with Volume Acquisition imaging: comparison with MDCT.

Seo H, Sugiyama M, Masui T, Sato K, Hirano M, Nozaki A, Katayama M
Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital

Liver Acceleration with Volume Acquisition (LAVA) belongs to 3D SPGR acquisition, which has some advantages, such as high spatial resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio, Coronal LAVA imaging could cover upper abdomen. We compared coronal LAVA imaging with 16 detector-row CT imaging about hepato-biliary disease. The delineation of the cholangio-pancreatico lesions, hepatic lesions and the portal veins showed higher on LAVA imaging than on MDCT imaging. On the other hand, the delineation of the arteries showed higher on MDCT imaging than on LAVA imaging.