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Abstract #2203

Focal liver lesion detection and characterization: comparison of SSEPI diffusion-weighted imaging with T2-weighted imaging; early experience.

Taouli B, Parikh T, Drew S, Lee V, Hecht E, Wong S, Lim R
NYU Medical Center

SSEPI diffusion-weighted imaging sequence was implemented in 21 patients with liver lesions, and compared with T2-weighted imaging by 2 independent observers in terms of lesion detection and characterization. A significantly larger number of lesions were detected with DWI when compared with T2 weighted-imaging (overall sensitivity for observer 1/2 was 87.7/81.5% vs. 71.7-69.5%, respectively). In addition, DWI achieved slightly better characterization of malignant lesions. Our early experience shows the potential role of SSEPI sequences implemented in routine liver protocols.