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Abstract #2206

Automatic analysis of hepatic DCE-MRI data

Monleon D, Marti-Bonmati L, Celda B, Moratal-Prez D, Blanquer I, Hernndez V, Carbonell J
Universitat de Valencia

The blood supply to the liver is derived jointly from the hepatic arteries and the portal venous system. The influence of breathing, the large number of pharmacokinetic parameters and the fast variations in contrast concentration in the first moments after product injection reduce the efficiency of traditional approaches. In this communication, we present a tool for easy and automatic analysis of liver DCE-MRI data. Liver DCE-MRI data were measured, co-registered and analyzed for 25 patients. Concentration/time curves obtained by non-linear sampling allowed the capture of contrast concentration peaks, improving the accuracy of parametric images and the correlation of the data to the pharmacokinetic models. We developed computer software for the analysis of concentration/time curves and correlation between the data and different pharmacokinetic models. Parametric images of TTP, rBV and several pharmacokinetic constants were also created. The software developed allowed the automatic semi-empirical or pharmacoki